QuraOnline is an online Quran academy that is solely dedicated to teaching the Quran and various Islamic education courses. The courses include learning Quran online with Tajweed, Quran Memorization (Hifz), Tafseer of the Holy Quran, and it’s Translation. Our platform also offers a basic course of “Learn Noorani Qaida” for beginners. All the sessions are conducted through teachers that are experts in the fields and possess decade’s long experience.

So, if you are living in an area far from mosque or find it challenging to drive your child daily to the mosque or looking for quality Qur’an teacher that provides professional services with Tajweed rules, or looking for online means to memorize Quran or enhance your Islam knowledge through different online courses, then QuraOnline is the platform to teach you Quran and its science.

You simply have to log in and enjoy learning the Quran. Our certified teachers plan the learning after assessing the level of each student, depending on the course selected in a safe learning environment for both adults and kids and provides a certificate upon successful completion of the program. Students can take the Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet, or any android device, making it easy to learn Quran online anywhere and anytime.

Let’s examine some of the main reasons to choose QuraOnline.


Flexible Schedule

Free Trial

One to one interaction

Multi-lingual teachers

24/7 availability

Progress report

Technology Driven

Qualified teachers



Home-based learning is supposed to be comfortable and flexible. Therefore, QuraOnline ensures that its online system provides cooperative class timings to both adults and children. QuranOnline offers various flexible schedules, and you can also choose your own plan according to your lifestyle.

Our team understands that working individuals face difficulties to take regular Islamic studies classes.  Therefore, QuraOnline pre-scheduled class timings are highly flexible, but individuals can also create their own classes as per their convenience.  Our platform makes sure that our quality services reach you at anytime, anywhere, and at any day.



Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we tend to achieve it with our fair dealing and high quality of services. Therefore, we encourage you to take a free trial to judge our quality of work, our teaching approach, and our treatment with the students. We offer 3 days free trial and charge registration and tuition fees only after you have gone through a trial class and confirm your admission after getting satisfied with our setup.

Thus, avail your free trial classes now and have the opportunity to be a part of an effective and comprehensive online Quran learning system and Islamic education studies.



Our qualified administration and team at QuraOnline understand that every student learns at a different speed. Some students require much higher support or time for learning and completing tasks, while many students tend to accomplish the same tasks in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, we make it our responsibility to accommodate every student’s learning needs. Thus, our dedicated teachers accommodate their teaching styles according to the students’ learning needs.

The live Quran classes system at QuraOnline consist of a single teacher delivering Quran lessons and teaching different Islamic studies to a single student, ensuring constant attention for better and faster learning.



QuraOnline teaches students from all around the world and providing services at such a level requires a multi-lingual team to deal with different accents effectively and to cater to different language needs. Therefore, the Quran tutors at QuraOnline possess an excellent grasp over English, Arabic, Urdu, and several different languages to enable you to Learn Quran Online and various Islamic courses in your native language.

The multi-lingual teaching system also enables the tutors to communicate effectively with students when taking classes. Having a teacher speaking your native language increases the effectiveness of the learning process as students can easily communicate the complex issues and get answers that they can understand. Furthermore, QuraOnline provides trained female teachers for children and sisters to make them feel comfortable.



One of the primary features to choose the platform of QuraOnline is the 24/7 availability of our team. QuraOnline class timings are very flexible and provide a 24 hours and 7 days support and a schedule that works any time of the day offering you the opportunity to book your online classes at your convenient time and days.

We know that continued availability and communication is essential in every field. Therefore, our team is not only available 24/7 for tutoring only but also for ensuring an active customer service that answers your every query and solves every issue around the clock.



It is considered quite a difficult task to monitor progress when it comes to online learning, but it is necessary for effective learning and successful results. Therefore, QuraOnline manages a complete progress monitoring system which enables parents to check their kids’ performance through our monthly progressive reporting system.

Our system actively delivers the progress report to each client every month and also encourage them to give their feedback to make the services better.



Our online Quran academy understands the importance of modern technology to accelerate the learning process and provides a technologically advanced teaching system to facilitate effective learning. Our platform offers interactive teaching and learning system, which makes Quran learning easy for both children and adults. Our Quran and Islamic courses classes are designed for online Quran learning and work in the browser with video and audio aids. On the other hand, quality software makes lessons interactive and practical.

Enhanced learning system includes video and audio streaming, easy and effective text chat and whiteboard to help our students learn Tajweed and memorize Quran classes online. Our students can record and play-back the online Tajweed lessons and Hifz classes while our portal ensures synchronous distance learning with tools like real-time virtual classrooms and IT tools. The system makes the share of documents, presentations, and books accessible.



At QuraOnline, the Quran and Islamic courses classes are monitored by an expert of Tajweed, Hifz, and recitation. Our platform provides a certified, experienced, and professional teaching staff, which is also well trained and excellent in communication with the students. Our administration also ensures that our tutors are dedicated and patient with students and are well-known for their high religious morals and favorable personality backgrounds.

Our professionally trained teachers use different interactions to match different purposes and outcomes and excel at describing, explaining, demonstrating, and listening. Our teaching approach involves effective organization and management, while our experienced staff makes use of modern educational tools and techniques in teaching methodologies.