Online Quran Classes for Kids

Online Quran Classes for Kids


Online Quran classes for kids are easily accessible today. Parents are in search of finding online Quran classes for their kids. Firstly, due to life’s hectic routine and hassle. Secondly, because there is little access to Quran institutions near one’s home. Along with convenience, parents are looking for the best Quran education for their children. In other words, most of the online Quran classes are providing the best Quranic education for children.

Parents want the best for their kids. Their protective nature does not allow them to let their children be in unhealthy and insecure environments. Therefore through online Quran classes, they can watch over their kids and get to know about the knowledge they are being given. Quran tutors online are taught to create a friendly and amiable atmosphere. This enables parents and children to feel secure and content.


Online Quran Classes for Kids: Beginners Level


How do the kids get Quran knowledge online is every parent’s concern. Hence, this article shortly explains the procedure of learning Quran for children.


Noorani Qaida


The basic step in learning Quran is educating our children with the Noorani Qaida first. Through the Noorani Qaida, the children get the primary education of reciting Quran. It provides rules of Tajweed. At times, it becomes difficult for people of different backgrounds and languages to learn Arabic. As a result, one must first learn the Noorani Qaida to help them understand the basics of Arabic.


Importance of Noorani Qaida


Nothing can be understood once we get the true understanding of it. Similarly Quran can also not be recited, without studying the basic Noorani Qaida. This Qaida for beginners will make the process of learning Quran easy for kids. Further, children will have proper pronunciation of Quran that will stay with them throughout their lives.

When we talk about the importance of Noorani Qaida, our main focus definitely is on the importance of learning Quran. Through the Noorani Qaida, the children will be able to learn to recite Quran. Eventually leading to understanding Quran with meaning. It is also a necessary component in knowing the word of Allah.

“Verily We have revealed the book to you in truth for instructing mankind. He that receives guidance benefits his own soul, but he that strays injures his own soul”. (39:41).


Online Quran Classes for kids at Qura Online


Qura Online, an established online Quran organization, has been benefiting Muslims by imparting Quranic knowledge. Our online Quran classes for kids provide children with the basic Quran lessons that are easily understandable by them. These Quranic classes for kids are based on teaching them the Noorani Qaida. This Qaida for beginners greatly guides children in understanding Quranic recitation effortlessly. Get the best classes for your children as Quranic education requires the best teachers, so that students are able to learn the Great Scripture with perfection. We facilitate our learners with both male and female tutors. Therefore parents are able to choose tutor of their preference for their kids.





Noorani Qaida - For Beginners

Noorani Qaida is the very basic and first step to learn Quran for the beginners.

Quran Reading with Tajweed

Tajweed refers to principles for the correct articulation & pronunciation of the letters with all its qualities.

Quran Memorization

Holy Quran is the most common book on this planet to read, recite and memorize on daily basis.

Quran Translation

Learn Quran Translation word by word with the basic grammar rules to understand the Arabic text.

Quran Tafseer

Tafseer is essential to understand the Quranic verses in depth with explanation.