Study Plans



  • 3/5 days in a week
  • 01 hour class
  • Flexible schedule
  • Noorani Qaida, Nazra
  • Translation




  • 3/5 days in a week
  • 01 hour class
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tajweed, Hifz
  • Tafseer


  • Quranic Arabic
  • Hadees Course
  • Fiqh
  • Salah Course
  • Arabic Language



Fee Structure

To learn Quran should be accessible for everyone, and QuraOnline understands this. Therefore, our online Quran academy offers affordable fee structures that are suitable for everyone and every budget. The classroom plans are mentioned above with all the details, and you simply have to select the best suited study plan according to your convenience and budget. After selection, you simply have to click on the buy plan option to fill in the required information and pay the fee online.


QuraOnline Study Plans and Fee Structure

QuraOnline Offers 2 study plans to learn Quran and Islamic study courses, and you are required to choose one of them. The online classes are of 3 days, 5 days and also available in 2 days on demand/weekend program and all the classes offer up to 60 minutes of lesson time.  However, if you do not wish to take any of the plans and want to create a custom plan, you simply have to contact us and mention your requirements. We will set up a customized plan for you as per your convenience.

Our Quran academy accepts all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and wire transfer. Class fees are done in advance at the beginning of every month while the transfer charges are completed by our platform. Children can share one class in case of more than one child from a family, and parents pay fees with a discount for the other children.


Important Note

The classroom plan and schedule renews automatically for your ease and bills are sent to your card every month. However, if you do not wish to renew the program automatically, simply unsubscribe from the plan after purchasing. Your hours will remain active until the month’s end, and you are free to use the classroom until the plan expires.


Why QuraOnline Charges Fee

Fee charges have been set affordable carefully so that everyone can learn himself and can easily provide Holy Quran education to his children and family members. However, the question of the fee remains a questionable issue. Therefore, QuraOnline considers it our responsibility to answer all your queries.

First of all, the fee charges cover the video and audio streaming costs, server costs, and several development costs. Quran academy also hires only the certified, qualified, and experienced teachers and has to pay the tutor salaries. These payments enable us to connect you, and the tutor in a purpose built classroom for Quran learning and to provide the quality technical services for effective learning.

A primary reason for why we ask for a fee is that people tend to take the free things for granted and not pay the vital attention. On the other hand, having paid for something makes individuals more obliged to work hard, show seriousness and make the experience more valuable. Therefore, fees are an important aspect to make the entire learning process meaningful and fruitful for the students.