What Mindsets should we adopt?


Certainly, each year holds the same enthusiasm and dedication for us. That is to say, we are inclined to have the mindset to become better with each passing year. But do we really act upon achieving it or is it just a wave of enthusiasm and an emotional statement that ends soon? To clarify, we all have the mindset to become better Muslims and dig deep into our souls. In short, we need to aim big. For example, aiming big to not just be better Muslims but also aiming for a higher status in the eyes of people and most importantly Allah. That is to say, we should set our mindset according to what Allah demands from us.


What Mindset did Musa (A.S.) have?


Let’s look at the example of Musa (A.S.). He requested Allah that he wanted to see Him. In other words, he aimed high. Similarly, we also need to aim high and have the right mindset. In other words, we should increase our love for our Lord. This was the love of Musa (A.S.) for Allah.

“My Lord, show me [Yourself] that I may look at You.” (7:143)

That is to say, we cannot pass judgmental statements on anyone and nor declare such statements to be profane.  Each one of us has a different mindset and level of love for Allah. Musa’s love for Allah was immense. In other words, he knew he could ask Allah for anything. Therefore our aim should be higher with each passing year to attain the love of Allah more and more.


Set your Mindset Right in 2020


Now that we are in 2020, let’s plan to have a clear mindset, high morale, and hopes.  Instead of focusing on the failure of the last year, we should focus on making this year more productive and enriching.

Have a Spiritual Mindset: Reconnect with Allah


We should seek strength by reconnecting with Allah. We do understand well that the purpose of this life is to please and worship Allah. However, worship does not only include fulfilling and following the basic five pillars of Islam. That is to say, it involves various other aspects of life. For example, family responsibilities, financial matters, etc. In 2020, we should aim for a spiritual mindset. In other words, we should improve ourselves in whichever area we feel we need to improve. To clarify further, we can reconnect to Allah by being sincere to our fellow beings and fulfilling our responsibilities towards them. Certainly, we should reconnect to Allah by following His commandments and being close to Him. But we surely need to focus on our worldly duties as well.


Adopt a Healthy Mindset: Try to Be the Best Version of Yourself


We can commit to being the best in 2020. In other words, we can strive to work on our self. For example, we can improve ourselves by analyzing our weak areas. In short, the one who is loyal to their faith is the one who continuously is in the process of improving themselves. They are not pleased with their negative traits. That is to say, they constantly want to work on themselves to get rid of their ill habits.

There is no point in leading our lives aimlessly without focusing on the habits and traits that need improvement. Therefore because Allah has given us a powerful mind to think and a heart to feel, hence we must try to utilize them in the best possible way. That is to say, we must adopt a healthy mindset. In other words, we humans must analyze ourselves in 2020 and improve the areas that need improvement.


Have the  Mindset to Reconnect Family Ties


In 2020 we should make it our aim to make our family bond stronger and firm. That is to say, we should focus on meeting our family and relatives more. Instead of just sending text messages and simple calls, we can aim to meet them in person. It has more impact. It makes bonds stronger and creates feelings of love and warmth for each other. Certainly, we need to catch up with our family, friends, and relatives more if we do not interact with them quite often. 2020 is the year to transform this habit. Hence, one of our goals in 2020 should be to adopt a positive mindset and to reconnect with our families.


Adopt a Positive Mindsets: Make it a Habit to give Charity


Most of the people are very generous. That is to say, people are very active when it comes to giving. We need to contribute to serving humanity and for other good causes. However, at most times we just donate once and assume that our responsibility is fulfilled. In 2020, we should focus on making charity our regular practice. Consequently, we shall be able to do more for humanity which is our prime responsibility being a Muslim.




These are some of the habits that we can adopt in 2020. However, there is much more to it than just this. Our main aim should be to become better with each passing day and learn something new that helps improve not just us but our surroundings well. As a result of this, we shall be able to become better human beings. Learn more about adopting the practices and ways that please Allah more by taking one of the Quranic courses at QuraOnline because it is in the Quran that Allah has stated clearly how we should behave and which manners we should adopt to gain a prosperous life.