What is the True Essence and Meaning of Fasting?


What is the True Essence and Meaning of Fasting?


Fasting is meant to create an amazing change in Muslims. That is to say, it develops certain characteristics in Muslims that draw them closer to Allah. One of the most basic things that we learn from fast is that all humans are equal before Allah. That is to say, every Muslim has to fast and there is no discrimination on the basis of status, color, or creed. Let’s discuss below how and why fasting is significant and what is its true essence.


Fasting Develops Character   


Certainly, fasting helps in improving the person’s spiritual and moral behavior and character. Further, the purpose of fasting is to build self-control and to purify one’s self. Moreover, one of the most significant things that we feel during fats is the closeness with Allah and love for Him. Certainly, when we remain hungry and sacrifice for Allah, we feel our immense love for Him. Fasting for Muslims is not just an act where Muslims do not eat. In fact, it is a form of worship and it shows our obedience towards Allah and is a way to expiate our sins.


Self Reflection through Fastings


It is in Ramadan that we have time to reflect on ourselves and our loved ones. So, in fasting, we need to forget about the worries of the world. Certainly, times are very uncertain and we are continuously in a state of panic and stress. Therefore this should be the time to relieve ourselves of the worldly stress and problems. In other words, we should focus on Allah and think deeply about the purpose of the world and its end. In short, our purpose in life is to love and worship Allah. Therefore we need to understand that through fasting.


Fasting makes us Sympathize with the Needy


Fasting teaches us several things. For example, it teaches us compassion, patience, and gratitude. That is to say, it is through fasting that we feel the pain of those who cannot afford to eat and live a decent life. As a result, we sympathize more with the poor and needy and have compassion for them. Moreover, it is time to support and help the needy and destitute.


Fasting teaches us Adaptability & Flexibility


Ramadan brings with it its own routine. That is to say, in Ramadan, we practice a different sort of routine. As a result, this helps us manage time in a different and better way. Consequently, it is because of the routine change that we all adapt ourselves according to the routine. This results in our ability to face challenges in life and easily adapt to changes and difficult conditions.


Fasting elevates our Spiritual Essence


Certainly, fasting helps us understand Allah better. Moreover, it helps us become selfless in our love for Allah because we do not think of our desires and fulfill them. In other words, we become submissive before Allah and forget about our desire. As a result, this elevated our spiritual status and makes us more beloved in the eyes of Allah. Certainly, hunger is one of the most important emotions and a basic need. Therefore, when we stay hungry for Allah and sacrifice our basic human need for Him, it certainly should elevate our status and make us understand what He truly means to us. Moreover, this enriches the soul and purifies it because our only concern is Allah and not even our basic needs.


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