Types of Co-workers and Ways to Deal with them

Types of Co-workers and Ways to Deal with them


Co-workers are an integral part of our work. Consequently, our co-workers have unique personalities just as all humans do. We prefer some of the co-workers over the others because of their nature and personalities. To clarify, we get along with some of our co-workers. However, we do not have friendly relationships with others. But, it is beneficial if we try to get along with most, if not all, of our co-workers. That is to say, we shall be able to perform effectively. Further, it is always beneficial and positive for our own being to not get affected by anyone’s personality or negative traits. In other words, we are just here to work. Therefore, we must not be bothered or affected much or unnecessarily by our co-workers.

Positive culture comes from being mindful and respecting your co-workers and being empathetic

–Biz Stone


Various Types of Co-workers


  1. The Self-Obsessed Co-worker

Such co-workers hesitate in giving others due credit. That is to say, they always want to be in the limelight. Moreover, during meetings and professional gatherings, they will be energetic and attention-seeking. Such co-workers are egotistical. In other words, they feel satisfied in letting people down. Such co-workers can make us severely aggressive at times. Although, it seems tempting to take revenge or to tell them they are wrong. But, it will not be beneficial because it will not affect such egotistical people.

The solution to this is to appreciate their positive traits. Such people do not admit their mistakes. Therefore, acknowledge them when they behave well.


  1. The Gossiping Co-worker

It is a human trait to gossip. However, frivolous and unnecessary talk must be avoided, most importantly at the workplace. In other words, gossip and rumors are the sources of negativity. They drain our energies and leave a bad impression of others on us. Consequently, we lack trust in our colleagues. The solution to gossiping co-workers is to avoid their company. In other words, try to be amongst co-workers that are positive. Further, ask them the source of the gossip. For example, “How do you know that?” This is quite effective because they might reflect on themselves this way. Further, our investigation of the truth clarifies that we are not interested in gossip.

O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. (49:12)

  1. The Pessimist Co-workers

Pessimist co-workers affect the entire office atmosphere. These co-workers feel sad and pessimistic because they might feel they are not being heard or that they are not being given the attention that they expect. The solution to dealing with such co-workers is to feel their emotions and appreciate them. We should try to empathize with pessimistic co-workers as much as we can.


  1. The Lazy Co-workers

If we are working vigilantly and competently, then those around us who do not work that way frustrate us. That is to say while working as a team, we may come across colleagues who do not put enough effort. Either they are lazy or their work is incompetent. In other words, even if they work, their work is of poor quality. As a result, it becomes stressful for us.

The reason for their behavior might be that they feel demotivated. Therefore, we should first try to understand why they are lazy. If there is no valid reason, we should try to tell them politely that they should be more responsive and active.


Understand the Relationship with Your Co-Workers


No doubt work is an integral part of our life. Therefore, spending a lot of time at work certainly means spending maximum hours of the day with our co-workers.

In a lot of workplaces, you work at a lot of jobs and people work more with their colleagues than with their family.

–Russell Hornsby

Consequently, when any one of them annoys us, we immediately want to find a solution to it. In other words, we need to deal with them in an emotionally intelligent way. That is to say, there is no need to find best friends in your co-workers. Similarly, we do not need to share our secrets with them. So, we need to understand this bond and connect with them professionally, not emotionally. Therefore, we should treat our co-workers with respect. Consequently, we all shall be comfortable. Further, we will be able to work in a more positive and constructive environment.

When you have that respect from your teammates, it makes it a lot more comfortable.

–LeBron James

How QuraOnline can Helps you deal with Co-workers in a better way


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…and let them pardon and overlook… (24:22)