Sabr in Ramadan and teaching our children about it

Sabr in Ramadan and teaching our children about it


Sabr is one of the most significant things that we learn during Ramadan. Ramadan, being the month of blessings comes with certain attributes that fill our hearts with peace and light. Further, there are several values that we learn. Consequently, we teach those values to our children. Out of all the values that we need to teach our children in Ramadan, Sabr is the most important one.


Teaching Children about Sabr


Children are easily adaptable. That is to say, they easily learn from the knowledge that is being given to them. Therefore we should teach our children values from a young age. Moreover, this holy month is a good opportunity for us to teach values such as Sabr, forgiveness, mercy, and sacrifice to our children.


Begin teaching children about Sabr & Fasting before they begin to Fast


Certainly, it will become difficult for children to fast if they are not prepared for it. That is to say, when children reach the age of fasting, they might get frustrated and feel hungry if they are not well prepared for it before. So it is essential that parents keep telling their children about what fast means and how Allah loves those who sacrifice for Him. As a result, when they will fast, they will know the meaning of it. Hence, they shall be more patient and calm.


Significance of Sabr in Islam 


“And seek help through patience and prayer…” (2:45)

Sabr has been given great significance in Islam. Allah has advised us to be patient several times in the Quran. In the above mentioned Ayat (verse), Allah has advised us to seek help through Sabr. So, it means that Sabr and Salah are two basic components that we need in our lives to remain calm, successful, and peaceful. Similarly, fasting also requires us to master patience. We sacrifice our basic human needs, which is to eat. Therefore, it is patience and our love for Allah that teaches us to remain calm and pass the Holy Month of Ramadan strongly. Further, patience also elevates us spiritually. So, as mentioned above, it should be instilled in children from a young age, so they are ready to bear big things in life that demand immense patience and calmness.


Provide a Spiritual Environment that makes Sabr Easy to learn


Certainly, parents need to create such an environment for their children that draws them closer to Allah. That is to say, if the atmosphere of the house is such that there is no Zikr of Allah, no prayer, no recitation of the Quran, then how will it be possible for children to understand their religion and the real purpose of life? So, parents need to ensure that they are practicing the right ways and manners in their house based on real Islamic teachings. Moreover, they should also encourage their children to join them as well. Further, parents can set such targets that are easily achievable for their children.


How QuraOnline can help you   


Quran is one of the most basic things that parents need to teach their children. That is to say, Quran is the Book of Allah. So, teaching our children Quran is a very basic religious responsibility. We at QuraOnline take this responsibility and teach children Quran from the very beginning. Therefore parents do need to worry. At times there are children who are not that easy to teach and they need professional guidance. So, QuraOnline brings expert scholars and teachers who are competent and well trained in educating children about Quran and its teachings.

[All] praise is [due] to Allah, who has sent down upon His Servant the Book and has not made therein any deviance.” 18:1