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Quran Teacher at Home & 5 Pillars of Islam


Quran teacher at home and getting acquainted with Islamic teachings can be a mind-blowing and soul-enriching experience.  Not only learning but practicing Islamic teachings is also obligatory for all Muslims.

Notably, The Five Pillars of Islam are the most important practices of Muslims. According to Islam, these are the five obligations that every Muslim must fulfill for living a virtuous and responsible life.

In fact, the relationship of a believer with Allah lacks concentration if he/she doesn’t observe the five pillars. It’s similar to a building which is unstable without strong pillars. Over and above that, these pillars build the basis and initial point for all other virtuous deeds.
Let’s find out more about the five pillars of Islam below:


1.  SHAHADAH-Declaration of Faith:


Shahadah is amongst the first pillars of Islam. It means to bear witness (testify) that no God is there but Allah. And that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger and last prophet.

This declaration’s significance is the belief that life’s sole purpose is serving and obeying Allah. To achieve this purpose, take guidance from Hazrat Muhammad’s teachings and practices.

Apart from that, when an individual opts to convert to Islam, he/she requires reciting Shahadah. This is because the shahadah’s words are Islam’s key fundamental beliefs.


2.  Salat-Prayer:


It is the name for the obligatory prayers that Muslims perform five times daily. It directly links them with Allah. Neither priests nor hierarchical authority is there in Islam. A learned individual with the knowledge of the Quran leads the prayer whom the congregation chooses in general.

In the Holy Quran, Allah says,

“Indeed, the prayer stops one from the disgraceful and sinful deeds.”


Muslims perform prayers at dawn, noontime, late-afternoon, dusk, and nightfall.  Additionally, it is essential to make a call to prayer (Azan) prior to every obligatory prayer.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“He who responds to call to prayer out of faith and in seek of pleasure of Allah will enter Heaven.”


Worshipping together in a mosque is preferable for Muslims; however, it’s not mandatory. They may pray almost everyplace, e.g., in universities, fields, offices, and factories.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said that “Prayer is one of Islam’s pillars. One who performs it establishes Islam, and one who abolishes/neglects it abolishes Islam.”


3.  Alms-Giving—Zakat:


The third pillar of Islam is Alms-giving. Muslims believe that they are supposed to sharing their wealth with their community’s underprivileged people.

Allah says in the Quran that

“Those who will prosper are the ones who say their prayer (salah) and give the charity (zakah). “


Actually, the word “zakah” means both ‘growth’ and ‘purification.’ This is just as trimming of plants, whereby trimming on a regular basis creates balance and boosts growth. Muslims cleanse their remaining wealth and make sure both spiritual and financial growth by accomplishing this obligation.

Our Prophet (PBUH) stated that “God has made zakat an obligation simply for the purification of your remaining wealth.”


4.  Sawm-Fasting:


During Ramadan, which is the Islamic calendar’s ninth month, Muslims obligatorily performs fasting from dawn to dusk. Every Muslim is expected to not to eat and drink till dusk, excluding the elderly, sick, and childbearing females.

Also, every Muslim should not indulge in any sexual activity with spouse and prevent from every sinful deed while fasting.

“O believers, fasting is decreed upon you just like it was decreed upon those before you, that you may become pious.”



Not only does fasting enable Muslims to carry out their obligation, but it does also benefit their overall health.

Aside from this, it’s also a source of forgiveness of sins. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, “One who fasts during Ramadan, having faith and expecting a reward (from God), then his previous sins are pardoned.”


5.  Hajj-Pilgrimage to Makah:


It is obligatory for every Muslim who is able to perform the pilgrimage to Makah. Pilgrimage or Hajj also includes the nearby holy places a minimum of once in their lifetime. Hajj emphasizes on going to see the Kaaba, as well as seven times, walking around. Adding to it, Muslims perform Hajj on Islamic Calendar’s 12th month, i.e., Dhu’l-Hijjah.


“And mankind owes performing pilgrimage to Makah/ to the House (Kaaba) to Allah, for those who are able to bear the expenses (i.e., residence, transportation and, provision).”


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