Powerful Tips for Ultimate Decision Making

Powerful Tips for Ultimate Decision Making


Decision making is an essential part of our lives. That is to say, we have to take certain decisions in our life. In short, we are required to make decisions on a daily basis. However, because of the wide range of choices before us, we tend to waver in making decisions. Hence, most of us lack the skill of ultimate decision making.

Decision making is not a skill that we all master. In other words, there are some of us who exactly know what they want. For example, which profession to choose, what type of job would suit them, where in life do they want to reach in terms of success? Secondly, there are people who tend to decide abruptly as to what they want to eat, what they want to buy during shopping, etc. Although, it seems not that much of a big deal, but most of us struggle with these ordinary daily choices.


How to Improve our Decision Making Skills


In this article, we shall discuss the ways and tips that help us improve our decision making power.


  • Decision Making Requires Choosing the Best Possible Option


When we are faced with a number of choices, we need to narrow them down. In other words, we need to decide as to which of these choices best suit us. To clarify, we must opt for the choice that makes the most sense to us. Further, we need to think about the consequences of the choice we are about to make. That is to say, we must realize and reevaluate if the choice we are making corresponds to the result we desire to achieve. Therefore analyze in detail and choose the most suitable option. What we can do is; keep eliminating the choices that cause hurdles in the goals that we are trying to achieve. As a result, we shall be left with the choices that most suit us.


  • Follow the Gut Feeling to Improve Decision Making


While taking important decisions, we should avoid following our hearts. That is to say, we should follow and trust our gut feeling. Certainly, our heart is the factor that is directly linked with emotions. Consequently, emotions do not at most times, lead us towards reasonable decisions. That is to say, we are blindly driven by our emotions. However, emotions keep changing. In other words, how can we rely on emotions that are not static? However, a brain uses logic as well as a moderate amount of emotions while taking decisions. To clarify, it is known as the gut feeling or intuition. Therefore, it is more beneficial to rely on gut feeling while taking decisions.


  • Consult the Experienced Ones in Decision Making


In case of taking a decision for something for the first time, consult those who have already been through that decision. That is to say, whatever the case may be, try to consult experts in that specified field. As a result, we can learn from their experiences and hence be more profound in our decision making. Therefore, we can utilize the knowledge of others in the best possible way to affect our decision-making skills in a positive way.

And those who have responded to their lord and established prayer and whose affair is [determined by] consultation among themselves (42:38)


  • Try to see the Bigger Picture while making Decisions


We need to think of the ways that should be of priority to us. That is to say, we need to ensure that our decision does not clash with our beliefs. That is to say, we need to analyze first if the decision we are taking is affecting someone else negatively. Further, we need to ensure that we do not act unjustly and immorally while making decisions. In other words, we must give our decisions a positive purpose. This is one of the major thoughts that we should keep in mind while taking decisions. Consequently, it will help us make decisions that will make us content and as a result will be long-lasting and effective.


  • Ask Allah for Guidance & Help to Improve Decision Making Skills


It is essential to involve Allah in everything that we do. That is to say, we should make Him our Companion and Mentor in whatever we do. Further, we should seek His blessings and help in our worldly matters. Allah is always there to help us and resolve our uncertainties. It is quite peaceful and beautiful when we submit ourselves before Allah and ask Him to choose the best for us because that is more beneficial for us.




Certainly, there is no one rule or tip for ultimate decision making. Each one of us is different. Hence our ways towards ultimate decision making also vary. That is to say, some people are logical. On the other hand, others are illogical and emotional. Therefore, a step by step method is not recommended when it comes to ultimate decision making. While taking decisions, we should clear our minds and think wisely. Moreover, we can perform Salat al-Istikhara prayer (asking Allah to help us make choice). As a result, by the will of Allah, we shall be able to make effective, timely and wise decisions.

And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him] (3:159)

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