How Writing on a Paper can De-stress yourself and improve Focus?

How Writing on a Paper can De-stress yourself and improve Focus?

Writing is considered an effective stress management tool. In other words, studies have proved writing and journaling is a means to increase happiness and health and de-stress ourselves. Further it decreases stress and tension. Above all, writing is not a tiresome and boring task. But it is a highly enjoyable task because it brings about creativity. Therefore it is beneficial if people make it a habit to start writing. We can write whatever we want to. However, we just need to make sure that it pleases us and becomes a de-stressing tool for us. For example, for some people writing a journal would do well. On the other hand, some people might take writing in a creative form.

“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert

As a result, it will de-stress yourself, improve your focus and clear your mind. However, one of the basic ways through which writing helps you de-stress yourself is through letting out your stressful and anxious feelings. That is to say, it is a significant medium that helps check the stressful thoughts and consequently helps remove these thoughts from our minds. As a result, we are able to make our minds more empowering and focused.

De-stress Yourself by Adopting the habit of Writing on a Paper

In today’s modern times, people are digitally more active. That is to say, people are in the habit of writing things digitally, most importantly because of the ultra-modern apps. Therefore the first step that we need to take is to adopt the habit of writing things down. That is to say, gradually practice switching from your digital writing apps to writing things down on a paper. Although it will require effort in the beginning because we are so accustomed to the digital gadgets, but with effort and time gradually we shall be able to persuade ourselves to writing things down. As a result, gradually it will be easier to break out of the habit of writing digitally.

Significance of Writing in Islam

Writing has always been a significant part of the Islamic tradition. That is to say, penning things and preserving them is not something that Muslims are alien to. To clarify, Muslims preserved the Quran centuries ago and that is the reason we have access to the Book of Allah today. Further, it is through the habit of writing down and preserving, that we are able to learn the ways of life and how to behave in different situations in life. That is to say, the Sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are also written down and preserved by the companions of the prophet. Moreover, Allah informs people about the significance of pen in the very beginning verses of the Quran,

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous

Who taught by the pen –

Taught man that which he knew not.” (96:3-5)

Find Various Reasons to Write Things Down to De-stress Yourself

The purpose of writing does not need to be specific. That is to say, anyone can adopt the habit of writing, even if they are not professional writers or if they do not have the natural instinct to write. To clarify, we do not need to be perfect in writing. We can also write casually depending on the way we feel. For example, some of us might feel relaxed by expressing our gratitude to Allah about the things we are grateful for.

On the other hand, some of us might de-stress ourselves by expressing the ups and downs of life. Further, some of us might be in a habit to daily make a To Do list and act according to it. Moreover, it will be a productive habit to pen things that we learn each day from the Quran. Consequently, it shall help us understand our religion better and gain peace through it.

In addition, gain Quranic knowledge and understand Quran through QuraOnline; an online Quran teaching Academy. The answer to how QuraOnline will help you de-stress yourself by writing things down is that it teaches you Quran with Translation and Quran with Tafseer (explanation). That is to say, the essential points it explains regarding important Quranic topics must be penned by the learners. Consequently, it helps learners adopt the note-taking practice which in turn helps de-stress the learners.

Writing as a De-stressing tool in Scientific Terms

The need of writing in daily life raises the question of how writing actually influences and contributes to the individual’s intellectual and psychological development. A lot of research has been done on reading, but quite less people have actually researched and written on how writing helps de-stress ourselves. However, let’s review a few scientific studies that have proved writing to be an effective tool in our mental and emotional growth.

A brief article; The Benefits of Writing written by M Cecil Smith; Associate Dean for Research, West Virginia University states that the Linguist Walter Jackson Ong conducted a research. This research stated that writing is essential for the human mind to gain its full potential. Various types of writing have significant effects on the mind. For example, a study conducted by Klein and Boals found out that adults can improve their memory by writing about their past life events. Smith further states that writing is beneficial to cognitive skills as well. That is to say, writing requires a procedure. For example, focus, planning and forethought. Therefore it sharpens these skills and makes one’s mind more focused and intelligent.

James Pennebaker researched and found that writing heals emotional wounds. He states that people who are struggling with severe illnesses and emotional breakdowns can be helped by practicing writing. He suggests that such affected individuals must be motivated to write a short 20 minute piece of writing, describing their upheavals and emotional state. Pennebaker concludes that these individuals have been found to be more relaxed and happier compared to the time before writing. Consequently, there were fewer symptoms of depression in such individuals.


Although people do believe that they do not have enough time to pen their thoughts. But it is for us to manage time and manage our priorities well. That is to say, people are so immersed in life and its troubles that they feel that by adopting some form of creativity, they shall waste their time and that it shall affect their daily tasks. However, what we need to realize is that in order to perform our daily tasks skillfully and successfully, we need to develop the habit of writing or even some other form of creative activity. As a result, it shall increase our mental capacity to perform tasks more effectively and with a clear mind.

With life’s difficulties and hardships, we become dull and lifeless. Therefore, it is important that we adopt creativity in any form because it helps give life to our souls and reawaken our dead spirit. Above all, writing is one such creative activity that helps us enlighten our spirits and create our strong bond with God because we free ourselves from negativeness and ill feelings. Therefore, it is through a clear mind and conscious that we are able to see life as a blessing and gift, instead of a burden.

“And what, you ask, does writing teach us?

First and foremost, it reminds us

that we are alive

 and that it is gift and a privilege, not a right.

 We must earn life once it has been awarded us.”

–Ray Bradbury