How to Mend your Broken Heart?


Is it Essential to Mend our Broken Heart?


We all face trials and tribulations in this worldly life. In other words, we cannot escape tests and have to deal with them. As a result, there are times when we are left with a broken heart. That is to say, in such times, we feel fully broken and shattered. At that time, we must not let ourselves fall into despair. Therefore it is essential to mend our broken hearts because it is our broken hearts that can lead us towards Allah. On the other hand, if we do not mend our hearts at the right time, we are more likely to hand over ourselves to the devil.


Let not Shaitan (devil) take Advantage of Your Broken Heart and Weak State


It is not beneficial to have negative thoughts as a result of our broken hearts. Because it is harmful to not just our mental health, but also physical health. Consequently, it affects our productivity and our maturing process. So how can we deal with a broken heart and what are the ways that help us mend our broken heart. An important thing to keep in mind is to beware of Shaitan (devil). He is most certainly ready at times of despair to tempt us towards sinning further by being severely hopeless and depressed. No matter how broken we are, we must go through heartbreak. As a result, we shall be able to regain control of our emotions.


Help your Broken Heart Reconnect you with Allah


Human beings have been created in a way that they are in need of someone constantly. That is to say, despite being a strong-willed and powerful minded creation, we are in need of someone who supports us and is by our side. But the significance and wisdom lie in the fact that we understand well where to find this permanent companion. In other words, the problem arises when we try to find this eternal companion and friend in this world. Consequently, we start taking that person as our only companion who shall remain with us forever. As a result of these attachments, we lead ourselves towards heartbreaks and disappointments. That is to say, broken hearts are a result of our worldly attachments and expectations. It is inevitable to be attached to short-lived emotion, relationship or person and not have a broken heart.

Therefore we need to understand who our real companion is. That is to say, that someone is the one who is there for us 24/7. Further, that someone is the one who understands us and our emotional turmoil.

And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein (50:16)

This Being always understands us because who else can understand us better than our Creator. He is never tired to listen to us and is always welcoming. Further, He loves us to such an extent that He awaits our return to Him. In other words, no matter how far and away we are from Him, He still keeps waiting for our realization that He is the One Who is our real companion and well-wisher.

Therefore if we become wise enough to understand and realize from the beginning that we can save ourselves from broken hearts if we keep all our expectations only with Allah. As a result, we shall be amazed to see how peaceful and calm our lives shall be. In other words, we shall be content and save ourselves from having a broken heart. However, it is never too late. That is to say, we can always realize this and turn to Him. Gradually this way we can mend our broken heart and find our lives filled with solace and comfort. In weak and broken times, we must focus on connecting our self to Allah and gain strength.


Evaluate how your Broken Heart affects your Inner Thoughts


We must ponder on our thoughts. That is to say, we must keep our inner self pure and free of negative thoughts, to regain our inner and outer peace. Therefore keep a record of your thoughts. In other words, do not let gloomy and negative thoughts affect you. That is to say, we can save ourselves from gloomy thoughts if we remain closer to Allah. We need to remind ourselves that these thoughts are temporary and worthless. Further, we should understand that there is much more than this in life. Keep reminding yourself this and gradually you will accustom yourself to only positive thoughts.

It is essential to reflect on our inner self to not be affected by our broken heart. That is to say, we can achieve a constant state of positivity by continuously analyzing our self and our negative traits. Ponder on the learning aspect as a result of your broken heart. We are responsible for our actions therefore we need to confront it first. Secondly, focus on the areas in which you can grow and act accordingly.


Strengthen Your Broken Heart through Quran


“…that We may strengthen thereby your heart” (25:32)

This Ayat (verse) very clearly reveals that Quran is the only strengthening force in our lives that empowers us. That is to say, it strengthens our hearts and that is the only essential element we require to empower us and deal with life situations confidently. In other words, the heart is the only organ that has the potential to feel emotions. Therefore, in testing times, it is our heart that feels gravely and hence affects the entire system. Consequently, our hearts sink us into despair. Therefore, if the Quran has the power to empower us, then why not avail the opportunity and benefit from it. Quran strengthens our hearts in difficult times. Therefore, it makes us strong and emotionally stable.

Hence, we must focus our lives on Quran and make it a regular practice to recite and understand it. Consequently, it shall empower us greatly. Further, you can also learn Quran Tafseer (Explanation) online these days through various online Quran teaching platforms. QuraOnline is one such platform that helps Muslims worldwide and imparts Quranic knowledge to them.