How to Keep Yourself Motivated & Positive in Testing times?

How to Keep Yourself Motivated & Positive in Testing times?


We are in a continuous process of struggle. That is to say, this life is for sure a test and we are here to pass through this testing life successfully. Consequently, to gain blessings and prosperity of the next and everlasting life. But to remain motivated and positive throughout is not that easy. To clarify, each morning when we wake up, we battle with ourselves. In other words, each day brings different scenarios and hence tests us through these various situations. For example, how we deal and tackle these situations, are we constantly motivated, do we choose the path of Allah in difficult and testing times or do we waver and let Shaitan (devil) lead us towards his path. Moreover, there is no exemption for anyone to not pass through these tests. That is to say, this life is nothing more than a test and each one of us is being weighed based on our performance.

Indeed, We created man from a sperm-drop mixture that We may try (test) him (76:2)

Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried (tested)? (29:2)


How to fight with Your Inner self & remain Motivated


Because life is a continuous battle, therefore we at times find it difficult to remain motivated and positive. That is to say, we falter in our path and manners and hence become demotivated and hopeless at times. But hopelessness is the trait of Shaitan and he sinks man into despair. In order to remain positive and motivated, we need to fight with our own self first. To clarify, we need to first settle our mental and inner self by remaining calm and attaining peace. As a result, none of the tests will seem upsetting and overwhelming. Let’s see which ways we can adopt to remain motivated and positive in testing times.


  • Analyze yourself each night to stay motivated for the Next Day


Reflect on yourself each day before going to bed. That is to say, evaluate yourself. For example, how are you dealing with life, are you strong enough or do you need to polish your inner self to gain more strength. Moreover, realize and understand where you are leading yourself and does that path lead you towards Allah or not. As a result, you shall be able to strengthen yourself. That is to say, by evaluating yourself, you shall work towards it and consequently shall become not just more patient but also positive, composed and a self-reliant individual. Therefore, make it a habit every day before going to bed. It shall immensely help you look into yourself because it is only you who can mold yourself according to the circumstances.


  •  To remain motivated Beware of the Minor Mistakes


Be aware of the small mistakes that you commit every day. In other words, we must analyze the little mistakes that we do that lead us away from Allah’s path. Consequently, we shall be able to correct these minor mistakes and hence lay the foundation for setting ourselves right for remaining constantly motivated and focused in testing times. In other words, though it seems insignificant, but by taking small steps we shall be able to gradually transform ourselves and hence become strong and independent individuals.

For example, checking your phones as soon as you wake up and then wasting time using it. That is to say, our mind is fresh as soon as we wake up and hence we should utilize this time by setting your mind in the right direction. Indulging your minds in frivolous activities early morning will make your day dull and tiring. Instead, try to perform such activities that boost your mind and give you more energy and power. For instance, reciting the book of Allah, remembering Him and asking Him to guide you towards the right path and help you remain motivated throughout the day.


  • Do not lose motivation and sink into Despair


A very important message from Allah is to not lose hope. That is to say, even if you commit mistakes, (because we all are humans and are meant to make mistakes), we must not lose hope. No matter how severe the mistakes and sins are, try to repent immediately and move ahead. Your mistakes and sins must not be the reason to stop you from worshipping Allah, because people give up and feel they no more deserve to worship Allah. In other words, some sins overpower us immensely. As a result, the guilt takes away all our peace and abstains from worshipping Allah and repenting.

Therefore as soon as you commit a sin, calm yourself down and do not let yourself become depressed. Instead, immediately turn yourself towards Allah no matter how guilty and horrible you feel. By doing so, you shall be able to remain motivated instead of losing hope. Keep it in mind always that we are all meant to make mistakes. Therefore it is inevitable that we do not make mistakes. But the key is to repent each time after making mistakes because Allah is more than happy and willing to forgive us;


Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.” (39:53)

Allah is the most Forgiving and Loving. For us to understand Allah and His loving personality, we must recite Quran and try to understand it. By understanding Quran, we shall not only find peace but also find solutions to all our problems. For people, who are in search of Online Quran Classes, they can contact QuraOnline. We provide Quran classes for Muslims worldwide.