Helping Friend in Depression

How to Help a Friend Experiencing Depression


Depression is a natural emotion that we all experience due to life’s pressures and problems. Generally people do not give much attention to depression, but it is significant to give it due importance. According to psychological studies, people of all ages are experiencing some kind of depression. Depression unsettles and disturbs a person’s life, therefore it is important to explore its cause and help our friends and family in getting out of this upsetting disease. Hence, by clearing our minds and hearts from this disease, we can become better Muslims.

Islam is not just a religion; rather it is a complete code of life. Consequently, it has a solution to all our problems. Depression is one such problem, the solution to which can be found in Islam. Islam focuses on creating balance in our lives. Therefore it aims at putting our life into perspective. By prioritizing our lives, we shall be able to live a peaceful and successful life, ridding ourselves from all fears and distresses. Depression emerges when we lose this balance in life. In this situation, Islam steps in and helps us show the right path by offering a solution. In other words, Islam is the source that brings us back to life by regaining our mental health.

This article shall guide you in identifying your friend’s cause of depression, helping them by finding a solution to it by applying ways recommended by Islam.


Identify your Friend’s Cause of Depression


In order to help a dear one cure depression, first, we need to understand and identify its cause. Only then we shall be able to help them cure it.

A major cause of depression is not following the path of Allah. A life full of sins and far from Allah is one of the major causes of depression. However, it may not be the only cause. There can be certain other severe reasons for depression as far as clinical depression is concerned. That is to say, in such a case recommend your friend to a good psychologist.

Having said that, the purpose of Islam is not to force people to follow its doctrines, neither did it emerge to add a new religion to this world. In fact, if we understand deeply Islam and its teachings, we get to know that it is a religion that entirely understands the psyche and emotions of man. So, it is a solution provider for us. If we follow Allah’s rulings regularly, we shall find our lives in perspective and in peace.

It cannot be denied that without remembering Allah and following His commandments, we can unintentionally cause depression to ourselves;

“And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.” (20:124)

This depression does not emerge in a single day. Rather it builds gradually without man realizing it. It is a continuous state of sorrow that does not let the person function normally in life and affect their sleeping, eating and working immensely. Therefore when you see such symptoms in your friend, recognize immediately and offer them your help.




In a state of depression, it becomes essential for us to strengthen our belief in Allah. Minor stages of depression can be cured through prayer and Quran. Above all, creating a strong bond with Allah immensely helps with depression. If your friend is not that close to Allah, they are in need of guidance. What you can do is bring them towards Islam and make them understand that Allah is the Only One who can help them in such a condition because He is our protector. He has the will and power to bring us out from whichever condition we are in.

Acquaint your friend with the sayings of Quran that show His love for man and present Him as our defender and guardian for example;

“Allah is the ally of those who believe. He brings them out from darknesses into the light. And those who disbelieve – their allies are Taghut (anything being worshiped besides Allah). They take them out of the light into darknesses. Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein.” (2:257)


Ways to Help Your Friend Dealing with Depression


With the help of Allah Almighty and through our strong faith in Him, we can help others cure depression. Following are a few steps that can help our friend deal with depression.

  1. Pray to Allah

Build your friend’s trust in Allah and draw them closer to Him. Allah listens to everyone who calls Him. Hence, the one suffering from sadness must call to Allah. He is the one who is able to help us deal with our sadness.

  1. Recite and read Surah And Duhaa

Narrate the story of the Prophet (peace be upon him), when he got depressed because there was no revelation from Allah for a few months. In response, to his depression, Allah revealed Surah Ad Duhaa, 93rd chapter of Quran. This chapter of the Quran brings positivity and light to our lives. Hence, it must be read and understood along with its meaning, to restore positivity in our lives and in the lives of the affected people around us.

  1. Find Peace by Remembering Allah

“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” (13:28)

By remembering Allah, we can comfort our hearts and find peace. Therefore the one suffering from depression must keep remembering Allah. Gradually their hearts will find peace and they shall be able to regain their untroubled and composed life.

  1. Offer Salah (Namaz) & Recite Quran

These are the two basic tools that keep us away from sadness and depression. It is very rare that the one who prioritizes Salah and Quran in their lives become sad or are overtaken by depression. Keep yourself steadfast to them and depression will subside soon.




Through these various ways mentioned above, we can help our friends and loved ones cure depression. To sum up, Allah surely helps the one who asks Him for support. These ways should also be applied by us in our daily lives so that we do not reach the stage where we have to strive towards attaining peace and bringing ourselves back from the darkness.

In order to further help your friend, refer them to a Quranic Academy where they can take Quranic Arabic course and understand the Quran in its true spirit. By understanding some parts of the Quran in-depth every day, they shall never be depressed by the will of Allah.