How to Achieve Healthy & Beneficial Work Relationships?

How to Achieve Healthy & Beneficial Work Relationships?


Human beings are social animals. We crave for friendships and interactions with people. Subsequently, we need good relationships in all spheres of life. Most importantly, work is an integral part of our lives. We spent more hours with our colleagues as compared to our families. Therefore, we must have good and constructive work relationships. As a result of these productive work relationships, we shall be able to perform better because the positivity and peace of mind shall reflect on our work.

Good work relationships have several benefits. For example, it creates a positive and friendly atmosphere. Secondly, our work does not seem boring, instead, it becomes enjoyable. Thirdly, it is because of the good work relationships that we are able to prosper and develop our careers further. That is to say, nobody wants to work with people who are unfriendly and difficult. Therefore, having good and friendly work relationships with everyone opens a lot of opportunities for us. In other words, we can prosper and develop ourselves further by being nice and polite to our colleagues.


Ways to have Healthy & Beneficial Work Relationships


In this article, we shall look upon the ways that help us built strong, positive and effective work relationships. Consequently, you shall be able to understand the importance of the work relationship. Further, you shall be able to deal with colleagues that you do not get on with.


Healthy Work Relationships require Learning the Art of Disagreeing Effectively


It is beneficial and healthy to have discussions and to disagree. That is to say, we need to realize and understand that conflict and disagreement is a part of our lives. Further, we need to understand that discussion and disagreement broaden our minds and helps us grow mentally and intellectually. There are people who avoid discussions and disagreements and are very opinionated. However, it is essential to welcome it when it is required.

In this world, we all have varying opinions and views. Therefore, it is essential to listen to others and respect their views and opinions. Instead of seeing conflict as a negative factor, we must focus on its positive effects. That is to say, discussions and disagreements allow us to grow. In other words, some of us are stubborn and haughty. These traits do not allow us to grow. To clarify, they create hindrance in our maturation and hence do not let us mature emotionally.

Therefore we must keep a check on ourselves and our nature. In other words, life is a continuous process of development and improvement. Therefore, we must work towards it. We should accept the way our co-workers are even if they differ in views. Even if we do not agree with our co-workers, fruitful and respectful discussions will help us get rid of our stubbornness and haughtiness. However, we need to make sure that conflict must not reach a stage where it is unhealthy and abusive. That is to say, in such a situation avoid maintaining a relationship with such co-workers. In other words, keep away from abusive work relationships because they affect our mental and emotional health.

Secondly, positive conflict helps create connections. If we argue insanely, we arise emotions of enmity and hatred in us. On the other hand, respectful conversation leads to positive and constructive work relationships.


Create a Team mindset to enhance Work Relationships


We work as a team at work. Therefore, communication is an essential factor for that. In case of a problem, work as a team and not as an individual. In other words, take the issue as an opportunity to work collectively with your colleagues. Therefore, you shall be able to work constructively along with your co-workers.

The key to having an effective team mindset is to be patient and tolerant. Secondly, focus on your tone and words while discussing business and work-related matters. In other words, do not be stubborn and aggressive when you face an issue in a work environment. We need to understand that it is work and that our job is to work towards solving it. Therefore, do not take things personally when it comes to work issues and solving them. Always work as a team to solve the issue instead of opposing your co-workers and being against them.


Effective Communication Skills Strengthen Work Relationship


We need to have effective communication skills. That is to say, we need to make sure our viewpoint is conveyed properly to our co-workers. In other words, issues arise when we lack in communication and assume that our message is conveyed across when it is not conveyed properly. As a result, co-workers blame each other because of miscommunication. Therefore, try to develop effective communication skills so that nobody is misled.




Having healthy work relationships helps us progress. That is to say, they make us more supportive of each other. Therefore maintain healthy and beneficial work relationships. It shall help you immensely because it will enhance your work performance. We must perform effectively in all our matters and with all our relations. This is what Allah has commanded us; to be respectful and kind to everyone around us. QuraOnline, an Online Quran Academy teaches us Quran and subsequently, Quranic knowledge in any form helps us gain peace and make us tolerant. As a result, we become more patient and kind towards people around us including our co-workers.