Lessons from the First Divine Revelation of Quran

5 Lessons from the First Divine Revelation of Quran

Read Quran and reach to Surah Al Alaq; the first Divine Revelation is the 96th chapter of the Holy Book. The revelation of the Divine scripture began with the first five verses of Surah Al Alaq.

Firstly, this Surah begins by addressing the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and commanding him to read. Secondly, it states how man is created; from a clot of blood. Thirdly, it again refers to reciting the Quran. Further, it states that man is taught by the help of Allah; the Most Bountiful. He teaches man through the Sanctified Pen. Moreover, Allah states that He “Taught man that which he knew not.” (96:5)

In this article, we shall discuss the first revelation by Allah, it’s meaning, significance and the lessons we can derive from it. We shall view each of the five verses individually to decipher their meaning.

1. “Recite/Read in the name of your Lord who created”

Surah Alaq begins with instruction. The first word chosen by Allah for mankind is “Recite/Read.” Reading plays a significant role in our lives. Gaining knowledge is one of our prime concerns. The commandment to read was not only for that society and those times. In fact, each and every word of Quran is for all ages and all generations till the end of times. Hence, the first lesson that we get from the first Ayat of Surah Alaq is to seek knowledge.

Also, we can say, because the word “read/recite” was used to command the Prophet (peace be upon him) to recite the verse of the Quran revealed on him, therefore we can say that reciting Quran is a direct commandment to us from Allah. As Allah ordered the Prophet (peace be upon him) to read the verse of Quran, in the same way, we must read Quran every day.

Allah does not simply ask the Prophet (peace be upon him) to read in His name. He further states, “your Lord Who created.” Allah is creating a relation between Him and His creation. Allah talks about His power to create man because it makes Him our Lord. He has a right on us and through this Ayat, He is establishing that right.

Allah further guides Muhammad (peace be upon him) to speak in His name. This is for the benefit of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah was aware of the fact that people would not listen to him when he will preach Islam, therefore, Allah is instructing him to read in His name. Through this, we learn that there is wisdom behind each and every word of Allah. We do not understand His wisdom and concern for us.

2. “Created man from a clinging substance”

In this Ayat (verse), Allah talks about His most superior creation; man. He created human being and this is what he is stating in this Ayat. There is a lesson behind this. Firstly, by mentioning our creation, we can ponder over the fact that we shall be resurrected. Allah has the authority to create us yet again and He shall definitely do so as mentioned in the Quran.

“How can you disbelieve in Allah when you were lifeless and He brought you to life; then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you [back] to life, and then to Him you will be returned”. (2:28)

The One who created us from a clinging substance has the authority to recreate us from the ground.

Secondly, this insignificant fluid turns out to become something of great importance; man; the best of Allah’s creation. Allah gives importance to man. Similarly, he expects higher tasks and ultimate obedience from us.

Thirdly, we can derive the lesson of humbleness from this. Allah is informing man about his origin. Hence by remembering how we came into being, we shall be able to remain humble and abstain from pride and arrogance.

3. “Recite, and your Lord is the Most Generous”

Man does not have an innate quality of nobility. Allah is the one Who honors us. Allah talks about His grandeur and yet again commands the Prophet (peace be upon him) to read. It seems as if Allah has taken the role of a teacher and is encouraging the Prophet to read without any hesitation, He is there to back him up.

Therefore once again we understand the significance of reading. Also, Allah is with us in times of difficulty to help and support us.

4. “Who Taught by the Pen”

Great significance is given to learning. Reading and writing are the two main aspects of learning. Allah talks about both these aspects. Hence, we need to focus on both these aspects to attain knowledge.

Allah further gives great importance to the Pen and considers it a means to gain knowledge. The symbol of Pen has great significance for us as Allah has considered it an important tool to seek knowledge.

Apart from gaining worldly knowledge, another lesson that we deduce from it is to read Quran. We must gain Quranic knowledge and try to impart this knowledge to others as well.

5. “Taught Man that which he knew not”

Man’s most valuable asset is his intellect. Allah has gifted us with this intellect as we are not capable of gaining anything without His command. Allah has put a sense of awareness of right and wrong in humans. He gives Iman (faith) to the hearts of the believers.

We could never have understood the purpose of this world, the next one, and all other minor and major details of our creation, the Prophets, angels, the Judgment Day, etc. without the revelation of the Quran.

Hence, Allah has bestowed us with such an immense honor of providing us with this prestigious Scripture. We have the Final Sacred Message of Allah with us. It is for us to honor it by reading Quran, understanding its meaning and giving it the respect it deserves.


By understanding the first revelation of Allah, we can derive lessons from it. The lesson most important for us is to read the Quran and understand it.

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