3 Key Tips to Change Bad Habits & Become Better Muslims

3 Key Tips to Change Bad Habits & Become Better Muslims


Habits include the things that we repeatedly do in our life. That is to say, our personality comprises of the daily habits we perform in life. Certainly we humans possess all kinds of habits. In other words, some of our habits are good and some are bad. In order to get rid of our bad habits, we must focus more on our good habits. As a result, we shall be able to refine and enhance our good habits. Consequently, we can reduce our bad habits gradually.

However, many people find it quite challenging to change their bad habits. There are certain attributes that we possess which are very difficult for us to get rid of. Moreover, at times we find it impossible to eradicate bad habits. However, let us try and think of ways that shall help us turn our bad habits into good ones with the blessings of Allah.


Identify the triggers that instigate bad habits


To cut off bad habits from our lives, we must first identify the triggers. That is to say, there are certain factors that provoke us and hence we fall into sinning and adopting bad habits. As a result, this leads us into a ceaseless state of turmoil. Therefore, it is imperative to find and identify these triggers. They activate brain neurons. Therefore, our mind functions in a way that it is directed towards. To clarify, we need to understand how our mind works and what is the mind behavior that leads us to perform certain actions.

We are conditioned by our mind to behave in a certain way. That is to say, a chemical named dopamine releases into the brain. Consequently, we perform certain undesirable acts. Moreover, it ensures that we addict ourselves to it and repeat the act. Consequently, our brain experiences pleasure. Therefore, our body responds the same way the next time as well. However, it is significant for us to know this so we are able to identify it when it arises. By empowering ourselves, we shall be able to fight against the standardized, continuous pattern set by our minds. Further, we shall also be able to fight against the pleasurable feelings that we experience due to bad habits. Consequently, we shall reach a period when we shall start behaving in the right manner. Hence, we will succeed in breaking the cycle.

For instance, in order to stop eating junk, we must first get rid of the excess junk present in our homes. That is to say, the excess junk can be given to the needy. Therefore, the pleasure and satisfaction that we gain through donation will act as a means to trigger positive chemicals in the body.

Certainly, we need to remove the negative emotional triggers. As a result, we shall be able to bring a change in our lives by eradicating bad habits. To clarify, psychologists and counselors tell alcoholics not to keep alcohol in their houses and surroundings. By having access to alcohol, there is more chance that they shall fall into consuming alcohol again. Therefore, by identifying and eliminating these triggers, we shall be able to overcome bad habits.


Think of Productive Substitutes to Remove Bad Habits


Once we have succeeded in eradicating triggers, we must move towards the next step. When we get rid of these triggers, we leave an empty space in our brain. Certainly, the bad habit provided us with happy and delightful emotions. In other words, it was the main force behind our happiness; although fake and temporary. Hence, when we remove it, it creates a void. Therefore, we need to fill that void with something productive. It is essential because without filling the void, certainly, we shall fall into adopting the same habit again that we strived to remove.

For instance, people eradicate music from their lives but return back to it again in most cases. So, we need to think of productive substitutes for music. Moreover, these productive substitutes should provide the same feelings of pleasure and satisfaction that we derived from listening to music, but this time these feelings should be constant and permanent.

Unfortunately, listening to Quranic recitation does not seem to provide us with the same enjoyment and satisfaction at the beginning, for the ardent music lovers. However, with the passage of time, you shall reach a level where you shall despise the music. Moreover, you would want to avoid such situations where there is music as it will cause you restlessness, tension and irritability because the things that displease Allah start to displease us as well because they violate our souls. Moreover, when we accustom ourselves to Quranic recitation and Islamic lectures, we derive peace and satisfaction from it. As a result, we become addicted to them. Addiction to the Quran causes no harm. It has a soothing effect on us that nurtures our soul.

Similarly, falling into pornography can be replaced by exercising, or some other creative activities for instance writing, painting, etc. that keep our minds busy and healthy. Therefore we must aim to transform our bad habits into good ones, instead of simply eradicating bad habits. In short, we must think of ways that help us shift our focus from bad and harmful habits to good and productive ones.


Create Attainable Goals for the Removable of Bad Habits


Changes in life require effort and willpower. Therefore we must not make haste and do not expect miracles to happen overnight. Hence, we need to be realistic in achieving such goals because they shall not let us lose hope and shall not appear unobtainable.

Gradually, we shall be able to bring positive change in our life and shall let it stick to us, for example, alcohol was not prohibited in Islam from the beginning of times, rather it was gradually prohibited. Therefore, we must not panic. Instead, we should focus on building strong foundations even though it requires time.

The ones struggling to leave music should try to recite the Quran. We can start by reciting 2-3 verses of the Quran daily. We can download the Quran app on our phones and recite it whenever we find the time. Gradually we can begin to increase the number of verses and hence reach a time when we shall recite one Surah per day. Similarly, Insha’Allah we shall reach the blessed state where we shall easily be able to recite one or more chapters of the Quran daily.

However, it is not required to do so. Although, it has great significance but Quran should not be only recited for the purpose of finishing it, in fact, should be recited along with understanding its meaning. In addition, we can also gain this understanding of the Quran through an Online Quran Academy. In addition, you can further get a lot of Quranic knowledge such as learning Quran with Tajweed (pronunciation), Quran Memorization, Quran Tafseer (interpretation) and a lot more. This way it shall keep us engaged. As a result, we shall abstain from bad habits.




These are some of the ways through which we can transform our bad habits into good ones. There is no hard and fast rule to do that; however, we can apply the ways mentioned above and many more to eradicate bad habits. We are all unique human beings possessing unique traits and habits. Consequently, the ways that each individual shall adopt to change themselves shall vary too.

All humans commit sins and make mistakes. That is to say, if we did not sin, we would not have been humans, because then we would have been angels.

“And if We willed, We could have made [instead] of you angels succeeding [one another] on the earth.”  (43:60)

Angel is the only creature that does not transgress and commit sins. However, we are not angels and are bound to make mistakes and commit sins. what we can do is to work towards improving our personalities by becoming pious and adopting virtuous qualities. Hence, we shall be able to reach the status of good Muslims.


“All the sons of Adam are sinners, but the best of sinners are those who repent often.” Related by Al·Tirmidhi ( 2499), and Ibn Majah (2451) with a strong chain of narrators.