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Asalam-o-Alaikum, we are the Quran natives, and we love spreading the virtuous light guided by the Holy Quran. Our website, QuraOnline is a venue for all those aspiring souls that wish to learn Quran online and different Quranic courses in the settings of their home or on the go with the online Quran classes.

Our Mission is the Education of Quran with Online Quran Classes

Our mission is and always will be to provide a place where the individuals would enroll and learn inspirational online Islamic and Quranic teachings. It is especially for students from areas where no reliable resources for learning Quran are available. Thus, QuraOnline provides Online Quran Classes for the students across the world.

We take pride for offering quality Quran education with a team of qualified and experienced teachers and scholars. Our online Quran teaching academy provides classes for students belonging to all age groups ranging from adult students to classes for kids.

A Note on Our Teachers providing Online Quran Classes

Quran is the heart of Islam, thus teaching the Quran as it is meant to be, is a crucial task and one that requires utmost responsibility. Therefore, the administration of QuraOnline makes sure to bring in the tutors that are certified personalities. Our tutors are also known for their high religious morals and positive personality backgrounds.

At  Qura Online, full-time teachers offer their services while their selection process entirely based on the quality of their proficiency. These include Quran recitation, Tajweed, knowledge of Quran and communication expertise. Our trained teachers deliver lectures in a professional manner in both English and Urdu languages. Each student enjoys individual attention by an online Quran tutor and offers both male and female teachers. We ensure that our tutors are:

  • Exceedingly qualified and proficient in Quranic and Islamic teachings.
  • Huffaz-e-Quran for the memorization (Hifz) programs
  • Flatteringly trained in the Arabic language with accurate pronunciations
  • Fully aware of Recital rules.

Besides the highly experienced staff, we make use of modern educational tools and techniques in teaching methodologies. Our teaching also includes distance Learning and IT Tools accommodate students in each aspect possible.

Courses we Provide

QuraOnline is an online Quran academy that is solely dedicated to teaching the Quran and various courses. The courses are: learn Quran online with Tajweed, Quran Memorization (Hifz), Tafseer of the Holy Quran and its Translation. We also offer a basic course of “Norani Qaida” for beginners. All online Quran classes are conducted through teachers that are experts in the fields and possess experience spanning years.

Learn to Read Quran with Us

To learn the Quran is the foremost duty and right of every Muslim. And by the Grace of Allah Almighty, we are able to teach Quran to students across the globe. Countless individuals are benefiting from our services and appreciating the prospect to learn Quran online. We have thousands of pleased students due to the performance, authenticity, and credibility we ensure.

Learn Quran online with skilled teachers through the platform of QuraOnline.com

Avail your free trial classes for your satisfaction. Be a part of our leading quest to spread the Islamic and Quranic teachings starting from today.

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