Quran & Modern Sciences

Quran & Modern Sciences


A Learning Quran School doesn’t just offer Quran Lessons but also explains Quran & Modern Sciences relationship. In fact, there is a strong link between science and our religion, Islam.


Despite the great advancements that science has made to date, its association with Islam still continues.  More interestingly, one can get acquainted with the Qur’anic text in a better way by referring to certain scientific data.


Let’s talk about the whiz scholar Dr.Zakir Naik’s lessons available online. They are mesmerizingly sufficient to explain the link between Science & Quran.


Moreover, this Holy book is containing over six thousand ‘signs’ of which over a thousand deal with science. Let’s have a look of a few of them below.


Embryology in the light of Quran and Modern Sciences:


Date back to over 1400 years ago; Quran has revealed the human reproduction which the scientist discovered after many centuries. It has gracefully described the origin, growth as well as step by step stages of development of intra-uterine life.


As the Quran says that

“(Allah) creates you inside your mother’s bodies, in phases, one after another” (39:6).


Another verse of the Quran says, “Allah made you in stages”.


Notably, Muslims were aware of human reproduction in the 7th century. Also, the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad had given the explanation of nearly everything regarding pre and postnatal events.


Scientist couldn’t resist believing in the divine knowledge of the Holy Quran when these findings presented to them. Apart from this, Quranic information corrected many vague and irrational ideas regarding human creation prevailing before.


Quran & Modern Sciences and Biology:


According to the research of modern sciences, most creatures made up of 50-90% of water. Adding to it, every living thing needs water to exist.

Indeed, no person could guess that every living entity was composed of water 14 centuries ago.


However, the Noble Quran has told us this thing very clearly:

“And God has made every living body from the water.”



“It is He Who has made the human being from water.”



Apart from this, the Quran has also talked about plants, fruits and described the physical state of animals and even insects. Such as in Surah Al-Ankabut, Surah Ar-R’ad, etc.


More astonishingly, this Holy Book has also mentioned about the antiseptic characteristics of honey such as

“There bodily issues A varying color’s drink, Wherein is a cure for human beings.”



The bee absorbs juices from fruits and flowers of various types and produces honey within its body. The honey, then, gets stored in its waxy cells. The human got the insight that honey comes from the bee’s abdomen belly just a couple of centuries before.


We know it now that honey possesses therapeutic and mild antiseptic characteristics. In World War II, the Russians made use of honey for covering their wounds. By doing so, there would occur moisture retention in the wound and would leave a negligible scar. Because of honey’s density, there would be no growth of bacteria or fungus in the wound.


Additionally, Honey has high amounts of vitamin K and fructose. Thus, the Quranic knowledge about honey, its properties, and origin, was well along of the time of its revelation.


Oceanology in Science and Quran:


According to the discovery of Modern Science, a barrier is there between the spots where two different seas meet. This barrier serves as a division between the two seas. So, each of them has its density, temperature, and salinity.


In spite of the strong tides, currents, and large waves in these seas, there occurs no transgression of this barrier.


Mesmerizingly, the Noble Quran has told us about that barricade between two seas that come across, but they don’t overstep.

“He has set the two seas meeting free. Between them, there is a barricade. They don’t overstep.



Quran and Astronomy:


Concerning Universe’s creation, the ‘Big Bang’ is a broadly accepted phenomenon the explanation of which many Astrophysicists gave. For decades, astrophysicists and astronomers have gathered experimental and observational data to support this theory.


This theory claims that the entire universe was a Primary Nebula or one big mass at first. It then underwent a Secondary Separation referred to as ‘Big Bang’ which brought about the creation of Galaxies.


These underwent further division for forming stars, the moon, the sun planets, etc. The universe’s origin was unique, and there was a ‘zero’ probability of its occurrence.


Quran says:

“Don’t the Nonbelievers consider that the paradise and the earth were combined (in the form of one Creation Unit) before We clove them in pieces?”

[Al-Quran 21:30].


What’s more? Firstly, the celestial matter was in gaseous form (smoke) before the formation of galaxies in the universe according to scientists. Briefly, there were huge matters of gasses or clouds before the galaxy’s formation.


Quran has mentioned that ‘smoke’ in it such as:

“Furthermore, He fathomed the sky In His design, and it had been (in the form of) smoke: He asked it and the earth: ‘Come into existence, by or against your will.’ They said: ‘We do come by or will.’”



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