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Why It Is Necessary To Understand the Meaning of Quran?


Are you looking for Quran Classes near me to learn Quran translation? Indeed, by understanding the meaning of the Quran, i.e., the word of Allah Almighty, you can become a better human being. Also, by doing so, you will lead a life according to the teachings of Allah and his beloved prophet (PBUH).

This Holy Book is a complete guide for every human as it teaches us the way of living a righteous life. On top of that, not only learning but understanding the meaning of the Quran is necessary for every Muslim. Pondering over the reason? Let’s dig deep into this matter below:


Having the Understanding of Quranic Meaning Leads You to The Right Path:


Allah says in the Quran:

“We have revealed this book to you, [O Muhammad], that you might bring mankind into the light out of darkness by the will of their God – to the way of the Exalted in Might, the Laudable.” [14:1]

Muslims from all over the world perform the recitation of the Quran in their everyday prayers. This is the last Holy Book revealed on our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Being Muslims, we need to read this Noble book with understanding. By getting the in-depth meaning of the Quran, we will be able to know what Allah has actually said to us. Further, it will enable us to put into practice all the things in our everyday life that Quran has mentioned.

Actually, when we read this Holy book with the understanding, taking guidance from it in our daily life becomes easier.

Here, comprehending one thing is important that Quran is not similar to any other book. Rather it is Allah’s timeless Speech and not a generated thing. For that reason, evaluating its verse’s meanings ask for having a right understanding initially.


Your Soul Becomes Purified:


When you read the Glorious Quran, it slowly paves the path towards understanding. This is, in fact, the affirmed objective of reading this Holy book.

Allah Almighty, says,

“A book, with verses of established meaning, further expounded in-depth, from One who is Knowledgeable and Well-acquainted (with everything).” [11:1]

What else you get by Quran’s reading and understanding is a purified soul free from all evil and negativity. With purified intentions and complete focus on the content, you achieve the feeling that your Lord is talking to you. What’s more beautiful than that? Without a doubt, nothing!


You Become His True Servant by Obeying His Commands:


In the Qur’an, Allah has said:

We have revealed this book which is blessed, hence abide by it and fear God that you may get forgiveness”. (6:155)

To apply Quranic teachings in our daily lives by following Allah’s all commands, we require understanding its meaning at first. Also, it will help in staying away from what he has prohibited. And, this is what will lead to our transformation into Allah’s true servant.


The Importance of Understanding meaning of Quran According to Companions of Prophet (PBUH):


The Companions of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has also stressed over understanding the meaning of the Quran. Such as:

Ibn Abbas (R.A) stated, “reading Surat Al-Qariah and Az-Zalzalah with contemplation is better instead of reading Surat Al- Imran and Al-Baqarah heedlessly.”

Other than this, Zayd ibn Thabit (R.A) said, “In my view, reading the Noble Quran in thirty days is better than reading it in fifteen days; reading it in fifteen days is better instead of reading in ten days; and reading it in ten days is better instead of reading in a week if I contemplate (over the verse’s meanings) and pray to (Allah).”

Aside from that,

Ibn Abd Al-Barr mentioned in his Jami Al-Ilm, on Ali (R.A)’s authority, “without consciousness no good is there in worship, without understanding knowledge is not beneficial, without contemplation reading is of no use.”

This Glorious book is a splendid collection of verses teaching us how to deal with different matters of our life. In fact, this Holy book is full of wisdom, signs, miracles, proofs, rules as well as instructions.

As Allah says in His last Holy Book,

“There are signs for those who understand.” [3:190]

Thus, the only way of realizing the Quranic contents is by contemplating and thinking deeply in the Quran’s reading.

You will find Quran a comprehensive guide telling you how to behave with elders or deal with blood relations. Additionally, it teaches you how to take care of neighbors, and even animals to make your surroundings better and peaceful. All in all, this book is all-encompassing but asks you to grasp its meaning at first.


Want to learn meaning of Quran online?


The revelation of Qur’an took place in Arabic. This is because this language is the most comprehensive one with words having beautiful intonation as well as stress. You will see preciseness in words. As well as that, their meaning has richness in them.

Moreover, in a few words, it contains vast messages, and this is its most unique quality. To explain it further, just one phrase or a sentence would have, within it, numerous messages.

Imam Shafi stated that learning Arabic for understanding Qur’an is the duty of every Muslim.

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