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Quran A Lifestyle


Quran A Lifestyle means when you Learn Quran, you comprehend that it is an all-inclusive guide telling us how to live a better life. In fact, it has told us the ways to live by for living a better lifestyle. In addition to this, abiding by the Quranic teachings also aids in succeeding the hereafter as well.

Remarkably, Allah has said in this Holy book that “A complete explanation of everything.” (17:12)

By giving real-life examples of the prophet’s lives, this Noble book teaches us piety, patience, gratefulness, civilization, humbleness, and whatnot.

Thus, we can count on it when it comes to dealing with any kind of matters in our lives. Curious to know more about it? Let’s have a look at how to deal better with different issues of life by learning Quran.


Respect All Religions:


Not being biased, the Quran teaches us to accept differences relating to religious beliefs and respect the minorities as well.

“Allah does not forbid that you be kind and just to those who did not fight against you on account of religion, nor drove you out of your homes. Surely Allah loves those who are equitable.” [60:8]


Allah Loves Forgiveness, So Should You:


Forgiveness is deemed as a valuable trait not only in Christianity but in Islam also. Such as

“Those who do charity in affluence and in hardship, who curb anger, and who pardon humans; indeed, Allah loves the good-doers.” [3:134]

Quran Lifestyle Abstain From Corruption:


Islam strictly prohibits corruption, as Allah says in the Quran:

“Eat and drink from what Allah has provided to you, and don’t be abusive on the world, spreading corruption.” [2:60]


Quran Lifestyle and Honor Your Guests:


“Haqooq Al-Ibaad” (human rights) contributes hugely role in the life of every Muslim. Allah has stressed over them even more than “Haqooq Allah”. In view of them, by learning Quran we come to know how to treat and behave well with the guests we receive. It has mentioned an incident of a prophet to induce Muslims to honor guests such as:

“Then he went to his house speedily, returned with a roasted fattened calf, and presented it to them. He asked: ‘Won’t you eat?”. [51:26]


Do Not Speak Ill And Spy:


Quran discourages speaking ill about someone behind his/her back. It’s just like eating the flesh of a dead person which nobody would like to have at any cost.

Similarly, this Holy book asks us to stay away from guesswork as it can be a sin itself.  Learn Quran especially for the verse below:

“And abstain from spying or speaking ill behind each other’s back. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would dislike it. And fear God; verily, God Accepts repentance and is Kind “. [49:12]


Quran Lifestyle to Stay Away from Pride:


This life we have, the home we live in, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and everything is by the grace of Allah. Man is mortal, so he has to obey the Immortal and don’t be proud of whatever blessings he is having.

Indeed, Pride hath a fall, and that’s why the Quran asks us not to do it. Learn Quran and see what Allah says in the following verse:

“And Most Merciful’s servants are those who walk easily upon the earth, and when the non-believer addresses harshly with them, they talk peacefully.” [25:63]


Moderation is the Key to Success:


Learning Quran teaches us to be moderate in every matter of life since Allah loves moderation in every case. This is why it has mentioned with regard to eating and drink of food such as:

“O Adam children, put on your adornment at every time of prayer, and eat and drink, but not excessively. Verily, He dislikes the wasteful.”[7:31]


Quran Lifestyle and Dietary Guidelines:


Following a healthy diet is essential for staying alive and well and that too for a long time. This is why the Quran has told us what to eat and what to abstain from multiple times, such as:

“He has only prohibited to you lifeless animals, blood, swine’s flesh, and that and that over which any other name instead of Allah has been pronounced. But whoever is constrained, neither craving nor breaking the law, he is not sinful. Verily, God is Forgiving and Kind.” [2:173].


“Say: ‘All good foods are allowed to you, and those hunting animals whom you taught, trained them for hunting, teaching them what Allah has taught you – you can consume what they catch for you – but mention upon it the name of Allah. Fear from Allah (in disrespecting His Law). In His reckoning, Allah is rapid.” [5:4]


Do Good To Your Kids and Parents As Well:


When it comes to parental relationship, the Quran asks us to behave well with them, such as:

“And good treatment to parents.” [6:151]

In the same verse, it asks parents to not to murder their kids by fearing from the scarcity of food and drink. As it says:

“And don’t kill your kids out of poverty.” [6:151]

Astonishingly the teachings of the Quran are not limited to what is afore-mentioned as it has a lot to teach you. Learn Quran and experience decision-making, remembering Allah, remedying certain health conditions, taking care of the needy, positivity, truthfulness, honesty, you name it. You will, with no doubt, find this Holy book an all-inclusive one.


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