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First Quran Book Binding – Compilation of Quran


Are you in search of  “Quran teacher near me”? to tell you the history of compilation of Quran. Do you want to dive into the depths of this divine book deeper and deeper?

Indeed, the Qur’an has the answers to all your questions … from financial and marital matters to science and astronomy to jurisprudence and law to philosophy … you name it.  Such is what the Qur’an itself says about it:

“An in-depth explanation of everything.”
(Qur’an 12:11)

Taking the Qur’an lessons by having a Qur’an teacher at home can help you in understanding the true essence of the Noble Qur’an. Not only that the Quran teacher near me is a comprehensive guide for mankind, but its compilation history is also quite interesting as well.

So, let’s scroll down to get acquainted with that.


History of the compilation of Quran:


Date back to 14 centuries; literacy wasn’t much a common trait, and masses even had no or rare means to learn reading and writing. Nonetheless, the preservation of Qur’an happened in the very same era both methodically and meticulously.

Whenever a Qur’anic verse was revealed to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) by the archangel Jibra’il (AS), our prophet (PBUH) methodically conserved it in the following ways:

Written Form: Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked the few literate individuals to pen down the revealed verses. During this process, our Prophet (PBUH) used to be present along for ensuring precise script written for each single verse of the Qur’an.

Through his period of 23 years, nearly 42 recorders scribed them on different relatively stable materials, such as, bone fragments, parchments, and animal hides.

Learning by Heart: After writing, our Prophet (PBUH) used to instruct all of his companions/ Sahaba (RA) to memorize the revealed verses. Moreover, He (PBUH) would teach them to recite it in their everyday prayers too.

Hence, during prayers, a constant recitation of the Qur’anic text took place several times daily. It had helped the companions (RA) to retain it in their memories.

Reading from a Authentic Tutor: Allah (SWT) communicated the holy Qur’an to Jibra’il (AS), who had eventually passed that exactly to our Prophet (PBUH).

Then, our Prophet (PBUH) himself made all of his companions learn the exact way of reciting the holy Qur’an.

With the growing number of his followers (Muslims), our Prophet (PBUH) appointed some of his ‘qualified’ Sahaba (RA) for teaching the exact text and certifying others. At that time, the Qur’an was present in parchments and the likes, disjointedly and wasn’t compiled to form a single manuscript.

For ensuring the text’s integrity, our Prophet (PBUH) used to carry out the recitation of whole text of Qur’an in Ramadan every yearly. Synchronously, those Sahaba (RA) having the written text, would bring with their copies and draw together in learning the exact text.


Compilation of Quran during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr (RA):


During the period of the first righteous caliphate, Sayyidinah Abu Bakr (RA), soon a battle of Yamamah took place, where many Sahaba (RA) who had memorized and retained the Qur’an (Huffaz) lost their lives (attaining shahadah). That was when many companions (RA) started fearing about the preservation of the text of Qur’an, whereupon, Sayyidinah Umer (RA) proposed to the Caliph, Sayyidinah Abu Bakr, to collect and compile Qur’an into a single book form for permanent safeguarding.

Sayyidinah Abu Bakr (RA) liked that suggestion but was a bit scared that this step might be regarded as Sunnah’s deviation.

Nevertheless, after getting convinced, Abu Bakr (RA) asked the Prophet’s (PBUH) companion, Zayd Bin Thabit (RA) for chairing a commission for Qur’anic compilation. Every member of that commission was himself a distinguished Hafiz-e-Qur’an.

The commission also asked the Sahaba (RA), possessing the written text forms, organized during the Prophet’s annual Ramadan recitation, to submit their individual text forms. Then, the commission accepted to include only those verses existing in a minimum of two manuscripts. That assisted in the elimination of the any possible human mistake that the scribes could have humanly made.

After the collection and collation of the whole text, the commission carefully and thoroughly checked it and substantiated that that was error-free manuscript and existing in its entirety.


Compilation of Quran During the Caliphate of Uthman (RA):


During the caliphate of Sayyidinah Uthman bin Affan (RA), a grave concern was raised regarding Qur’anic ‘recitation’. Despite the universal acceptance of the Qur’anic text, Muslims from different Islamic regions recited it as per their regional dialects (with slight alteration of the written text).

This brought about the following two issues:

  • Everyone thought of their dialect to be correct which raised difference of opinion.
  • If that would had continued so, no unanimously and universally accepted Qur’anic version would exist.

Sayyidinah Uthman (RA) charged a commission, once again, Zaid ibn Thabit (RA) chaired this commission, for preparing written texts as per the seven known dialects (sab’aa qiraat), including the official vocal pronunciation of the natives of Hejaz (the Bedouin dialect). He (RA) sent those manuscripts with individual capable teachers of each dialects to each region where those dialects were spoken.

Next, preparation of several copies took place, and these copies were then delivered to different Islamic regions. The instructions which those copies contained were just that should be regarded as the authentic and official Qur’anic text.

Amazingly, even after passing of more than fourteen centuries, the Holy Qur’an has undergone no alteration or change; notably, the Qur’anic text that is available at present is just the same as revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) many centuries ago.

Despite numerous attempts made by the antagonists to alter and/ or change the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) Himself has vowed to protect this Holy book from errors:

“It is We (The Majesty), who, with no doubts, sent down the Qur’an; and We will be its protector assuredly.”

So, this was all about the history of compilation of Quran. Learning and understanding its true meaning is not only going to benefit you in this world but in the hereafter as well. For that reason, every Muslim should attempt to get familiarized with the message that Allah has sent down.


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